53 Years Later History Repeats Itself

Sadly, 53 years after the 1967 protests, history is repeating itself. It’s not sad that protests are happening, but rather, it’s sad that it still has to happen in 2020. It’s time for a change.

Fifty-three years ago, Newark looked like a war zone. And sounded like one, too. New Jersey’s largest city exploded in protest demanding justice and economic equality and police reforms, and accountability. Some of the same issues the city is facing today.

Newark burned. Residents took to the streets and took what they could carry.

Sniper fire killed a police officer and a firefighter. Authorities say they were responding to sniper fire when they shot and killed Eloise Spellman in Hayes Homes after she opened her 10th floor window. Spellman was the mother of 11 children. Barbara King,  a Newark resident said, “what still hurts me til today, some people I know, good people, lost their mother.”

Newark marks 53rd anniversary of the ’67 Rebellion https://www.njtvonline.org/news/video/newark-marks-53rd-anniversary-of-the-67-rebellion/

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